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Pop Bluebell
Pretty but doesn’t last. I like a stronger perfume.
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The only way I can explain this scent is as Barbie. If Barbie had a signature scent that would be it, one of the notes of this is tomato leaf and it’s something about that Note that just works. I would consider this a spring early summer scent but it’s smells so good that I’d wear it year round during the day. Con: does not last long and will take over spraying if you want it to be noticed, you will get compliments but only within the first 2 hours or so of spraying. Worth a try if you like a floral fruity scent that’s not overly floral or fruity. Hope this hopes
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Subtle and Satisfying
The fragrance is not overwhelming. It has a softness to it, yet floral. No headaches, no complaints from those around me who are “fragrance sensitive.”
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Gorgeous Vintage Aroma
I loved this perfume because of the musky floral aroma. It reminded me of the perfumes my Aunt Mary wore, who graced our lives with class and elegance. She was born in the 20s, and her taste in perfumes were impeccable. She's not with us anymore, but I couldn't help but be transported back to when I was a little girl, and she would let me use her perfumes. This perfume deserves a vintage spray bottle that is lovingly displayed on your dresser. Bravo!!
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Everything blended together
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Love this scent! It’s pretty and not too floral or overpowering! Sort of fruity and nice. I’ll get this one again.
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The fragrance doesn't stay
I've really like the scent but I couldn't smell it at all 30 minutes later! In have a very sensitive sniffer!
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Pretty good
It’s quite good and aligns with my usual scents. The smell is quite pleasant and suitable for everyday use in a casual environment.
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did not like it
not for me
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Love this fragrance!
It's just the way I thought it would smell. Received lots of compliments.
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