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Pop Bluebell
I liked the scent, but it seems to fade away after a while. I like to be able to smell the scent for longer.
This scent is feminine, simple, airy and “happy.” Its been one of my favorite scents for years (I smelled it a long time ago in Sephora and always remembered it) but I do wish it would project more. Itll last me 5-6 hours with a few sprays which isn’t bad honestly but it’s just not a projecting perfume that fills the air even though I can smell it on myself slightly the whole time. But a GORGEOUS scent!!
Not bad
There is nothing specifically dissatisfying about this scent, it just simply didn’t have the effect of “oh wow this smells so great!” during initial scent test. It does have a nice soft, non overpowering smell.
Fun smelling for girls night out
Smelled nice
Too sweet for me
It's a great scent but not for me. It smells really sweet/ floral.
Fun to have, would not buy a whole bottle
This is an overall nice perfume. It seems like one I would have really loved in my younger years. Fruity, flirty, sweet.
Old lady smell
Made me smell like a regal old lady and not in a good way
Soft yet sexy
This perfume smells like the description and my boyfriend likes it on me. It is a great one.
Luv the scent, and was pleased with selection
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