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A powerful, yet ultra-gentle AHA/BHA/PHA toner that is potent enough to even out tone and texture overnight, but gentle enough for dry, sensitive complexions. Instantly, skin is refined and resurfaced, revealing a softer, smoother, virtually poreless complexion. Formulated at the ideal pH of 3.7, this blend of acids penetrate the skin more efficiently without stripping away natural moisture. An infusion of our proprietary BLU5 technology defends your skin against blue light damage in five different ways: <br> - Neutralizes the effects of blue light, shielding skin from future damage<br> - Creates youthful-looking skin, helping to smooth over fine lines and wrinkles <br> - Brightens skin tone, preventing and fading hyperpigmentation<br> - Improves elasticity and helps create a more firm, supple appearance <br> - Helps maintain a healthy glow by protecting skin from oxidative stress"

Good Habit Mini Texture Magic Exfoliating Toner rating and reviews

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2.5 out of 5
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45 to 54
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Give it a second...
Just what I need- a good toner I can FEEL working. Wait a few seconds after you have finished applying to feel an invigorating sensation.
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Why so small?
I thought the sample would be bigger but the package and the product was super small. Kind of like the free samples you get with Sephora. I wish I hadn’t wasted my second product on it.