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Ernest Supplies
Cooling Shave Cream
7 ratings
Shaving, Male, $25 Retail value
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Who has time for a complicated, multi-step shave routine? Not us. So we built a shave cream to do it all. This nature-inspired formulation was designed to do it all - lubricate, moisturize, fight redness and reduce annoying razor clogs. One of the secrets behind its success is hair conditioner, which softens hair and prepares your skin for one of the closest shaves you’ve ever had..


Formulated for MEN, WOMEN and ALL. ALL SKIN TYPES (Normal, Combination, Dry, Oily).


Formulation is Nature Inspired combined with lab-driven science .

TSA-COMPLIANT, TRAVEL FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Easy-to-transport TECH PACK can be tucked away in your airplane carry-on or gym bag..


Ernest Supplies has been featured in publications such as PEOPLE, GQ, VOGUE, MEN'S HEALTH, ESQUIRE, and ALLURE. This product has won a GQ GROOMING AWARD for Best Shaving Cream..


People are willing to spend big bucks on face moisturizer and eye cream but then use a discount brand of shaving cream to shave their face. Shaving can be one of the most irritating stresses on our skin, so, using a high quality product that protects it from the blade and nourishes it in the process is critical to an overall healthy skin regimen. ERNEST SUPPLIES COOLING SHAVE CREAM works triple time to soothe, hydrate and nourish skin making it simple to go premium without adding time and effort to a your shave routine. Just think about all the things you’ll be able to achieve with the extra 15 minutes you’ll have as a result of using our multi-tasking product - or perhaps all the things you won’t do because you’ll be using that 15 minutes to sleep in!
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About the brand
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Ernest Supplies is skincare designed to advance skin health by focusing on two key factors – clean, quality ingredients and ease of use.

Our proprietary formulations rely on carefully sourced plant-based ingredients and meticulous use of lab-driven science to enhance and protect their efficacy. But we also realize that our mission of quality is meaningless without simplicity and ease of use. This is why we offer creative, yet technical packaging that is made to work seamlessly in an active, modern lifestyle where travel, time and climate work against the health of our skin.

At Ernest Supplies, we remain dedicated to maintaining our independent and inclusive spirit as we make choices that are both good for your skin and better for the environment.
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