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Sisley reviews
Just Garbage
Just terrible.. terrible... terrible
Pretty good
I do like the scent its just not one of my favorites. To me it wasn't strong enough and it lasted about an hour on me, so that was disappointing. Also i was hoping to smell more of the black current. All in all if you like a lighter scent this is for you.
It’s a nice smell but not something I would ever wear as a cologne. It’s much too herbal/grassy. I prefer warmer, less floral scents.
So gonna get more!
This is one of my faves from now on!
Did not love
A bit too overpowering and as some other mentioned old lady smell.
It just wasn't the type of perfume I wear or like
loved it
Not for me
It was a perfume more for my mother than me
Smelled nice
This did smell very nice but I was definitely different from what I usually wear. My boyfriend said it was nice on me.
it wasn't for me
it wasn't for me.
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