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old lady perfume
This is the worst perfume I have ever received from scentbird. it smells like overwhelming powder an old lady would wear..NOT for me..
I'm surprised!
I'm new to the floral scents. This was a nice introduction for me. It's kinda moody but elegant & adventurous in a way too. That's very much my personality! I'd be interested in buying a bottle for sure.
I was not happy with this scent. it was really bad.
So gross
Absolutely disgusting. Smells like pinesol cleaner. Or like Christmas farted all over u. Not pleasant at all maybe for a Stinky candle definitely not a perfume kind of fragrance
Not my thing
I realized this is not what I should choose for perfume
Not my smell at all
I don't like the way it smells on me.
Mature. Strong. Floral. Powdery but not grandma-y.
Very strong and mature scent. Definitely a smell for an occasion - maybe for a more serious event. Lots of folks mentioned it smelled grandma-y which I associate with musk and heavy powder smells, I personally don't think so. There is a powdery smell but not overpoweringly so like some perfumes. Definitely a strong rose floral smell which I like but, not something I'd wear on the daily but it's nice in small doses. Very long lasting and does match the description. I give it 4 stars for quality of smell, how long lasting it is, and it's truthful to the description.
did not like
The smell was good, just didn't work with my body chemistry
Not for me
I gave it to my mom because it reminded me of her lol
Smells good!!
My favorite!!! Love it!!
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