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Sisley reviews
Nice floral scent
The notes in the scent are exactly what I imagined.
Doesnt suite me
It smells good but it doesnt last very long and just isnt the right scent for me.
I smell like my gramma but worse
This is not at all what I expected... VERY musky and old lady like. Kind of smells like pepper after a minute? Im so confused by this fragrance..what really suck was my husband said it kind of grossed him out 😔
Not the described scent
This is touted as floral but smells almost entirely of pepper. It’s more than a bit old lady. Not at all what I’m looking for. It’s much too strong at the same time. Just all around not not my cup of tea.
Smells like an old lady
Smells like a stereotypical old lady. Not too into it ngl
Do not love
Very dated scent, all notes feel like theyre battling eachother.
no words
Lovely fragrance but sort of strong
A little strong for my taste, but the actual fragrance notes are nice
Don’t like this perfume, smells like soap.
Smells like that orange hand soap from the 90s, I really did not like this perfume.
Not for me
Theres something about this perfume that just does not do it for me. it might be the bergamot, it smells vaugely between a lime and an orange but like, only the rind part of it. Its too bitter and the florals kinda muddle it even more. I might have liked it if it stayed in either the citrus or floral lane but i dont like it together.
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