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Scents of Wood reviews
Not in my wheelhouse
Might smell fine, but it's not for me
Good, but not for me
This actually smelled really nice, it just wasn't quite right for me. It was a bit earthier and more masculine than what I usually wear, but I think on the right person it would be amazing.
Smells just like described
I love this scent-it’s warm, sexy, spicy scent that is a tad masculine but without smelling like a man. Perfect for date night. It doesn’t last long, though, it disappeared so fast. I would buy a full size bottle if not for that.
Old people smell
There are some parts of this perfume that I like. The woodiness and boldness of it. However, it is completely trumped by this cloying powdery scent that strongly reminds me of old people. Worse yet this scent stays even after other notes have faded and gives me a headache.
smells great
really like it
Good smell
Love this scent the only thing I have to say negatively is that the scent did not last you need to spray a few times a day.
I love sandalwood, but..
Sandalwood is one of my signature scents. It aligns with many facets of my personality. I wanted to try this one because the description basically screamed my name. I do like it, however it is not as complex as I'd prefer. The fragrance smells like the description quite literally--sandalwood on top of smokey oak. And that is all. I do, however, receive an obscene amount of compliments for this scent, so it is definitely doing its job.
Sexy and warm
I love this scent. It’s a little powdery smelling but in a sexy way?
Great smell for everyday
my favorite
my husband loves this smell I will definitely be getting a big bottle of it
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