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Scents of Wood reviews
I wanted to love it
Initially , I was not impressed. Smelled like an expensive pine sol or cleaner. After it settled, it grew more woody and smelled decent. It’s not as sweet as I was hoping it would be, but overall a solid perfume.
Wasn’t a fan
I don’t know what it was, but I’m not a fan
I like it
I thought it would've been too woodsy but it wasn't
Much more feminine than expected
Not a fan, upon application and wear it strikes with notes more reminiscent of a female's perfume.
Scents of wood
Really like the scent and have nothing but compliments when I wear it.
This smells strongly of orange blossom in a way I have rarely found. It’s true to actual orange blossom and layered over a woody smell that is just amazing. It’s one of the stronger scents I’ve come across here but I love it.
Fresh and woody
I love this scent! I’d say it’s unisex but slightly leaning towards the masculine side. It smells like a dewy, morning hike among pine trees. It is not heavy it all, and smells very refreshing and “nature-like.”
A soft beautiful frangrance
Long lasting and clean scented .. i love this for my work day and evenings for casual entertaining or dining out
Woody and beautiful
I love how woody and earthy this is.
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