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Scents of Wood reviews
Smells good but not something I will use a lot
It’s a very specific smell, not for everyday that’s for sure. I think this would only be an evening or night scent. It’s very Smokey smelling at first but then after it fades a little bit it smells nice. I don’t care for the scent right away, but like I said after an hour or so it smells ok. It won’t be something I grab for much though. Maybe if I’m going out in the woods for a bonfire. It is a good fall scent though. I like woodsy smells I think the smoke part just over powers it.
This smell lasted a very long time; if you’re prone to headaches, this might not be a good match. The smell is a heavy, fall-based musk that keeps you coming back to smell again. I don’t normally like muskier smells (I’m more of a vanilla cotton candy gal) but I do get excited to wear this. I think the warmth of it is what I love!
Scents of wood orange in chestnut
Not bad not great. Was expecting more citrus, was actually a mix of floral and wood. Initially very floral, fades into a more woody smell that’s decent. Fairly androgynous once it fades.
My absolute fave!
I love this scent, it’s my new fave. It lingers lightly, it’s warm and sexy. A nice scent for a date night or a night out dancing.
I found this exactly as the description. Woody, with hints of smoke and backed up with a faint warm vanilla. beautiful perfect for fall
Loved it
Love everything about it except it’s not quite strong enough
Is as described
Love it
This smell was horrible i hate this smell
Absolutely love it and got compliments thank u
Not for me
It smelled too woody and masculine for my preferences.
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