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Sarah Jessica Parker reviews
Too heavy
Far too strong and mature for my taste. Smells like how I imagine Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in SITC would smell. I should have assumed as much. I prefer lighter and more playful, not “put on diamond earrings and drink fancy martinis for $50 each at a rooftop bar in Manhattan” vibes.
Too Mature
This smell profile is too mature for my personal taste.
This isn’t a terrible smell at all, but for me it was too strong and caused me to sneeze after a spritz so I may be allergic to something in it. If you want a strong, more masculine smell this would suit you well.
gorgeous scent
I feel very sophisticated wearing this scent. not too floral. not too mature. I have definitely gotten a lot of compliments. it’s unique but in a lovely way
Long lasting soft smell
very nice
Im sorry but this smells like an old lady..
Did not like. It at all.
not for me.
just not my style.
Very good
It smelled amazing and it wasn’t too strong for me.
Does not last long
Smells amazing but the smell just don’t stay long.
Just not for me
It's a powerful scent but doesn't align with my preferences. Smells quite mature, don't really like the type of floral scent that came through. I usually love patchouli, but not in this perfume.
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