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Sanctuary reviews
Good but a bit simplistic
The scent is nice but too light/young/simple for me. Didn't feel any blackcurrant there, which was disappointing. Overall a nice scent for a young woman who likes green and leafy. When I was 16 I had a similar perfume and I loved it.
Nest ever
Soft and strong one great scent
Loved it!
I was in need of a new perfume and normally I stay away from super musky smells but this scent is amazing! My mom is super picky about scents but she said she loved this one on me. It reacted beautifully to my body chemistry as well. 10/10
Ok scent but didn’t last long.
Smelled amazing
really liked!
loved scent but doesn't seem like it lasts very long
To me this smells really fresh, like water, at first. Then after a few seconds you smell just a little musk.
It's okay
It's not awful but the scent of sweet grass is a bit overbearing
Great Smell but Short Lived
Delicious smell that is not too sweet, but it does not have a long life.
light and clwan
this scent is unique. it’s clean, a little spicy, and subtle. this is something I would wear every day due to the fact it’s calming and not overpowering!
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