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Room 1015 reviews
Love it
Beautiful and complex, so unique
Cherry Punk
As soon as the product arrived you could smell the subtle cherry scent mixed with a warm light leather. As time pasted, the Cherry seemed to dissipate. That being said I still really enjoyed it. The smell lasts all day, it’s not overwhelming which is good if you’re looking for something to wear around work. It’s noticeable but won’t punch and pull out nose hairs from those around you. Although, I did get some rather weird comments from co-workers. Such as “You smell like cigars, do you smoke?” To “Woah, it smells great in here!” Now, this is a unisex product. I’d recommend this for guys who don’t want a super masculine smell and for ladies who don’t mind smelling like leather lol. All in all, pretty dang nice.
Very elegant not too strong and easy for the ladies to remember
cherry punk
what rock n roll smells like
Just no
Smelled like Vicks Vaporub and not in a good way.
Oh man!
This perfume does not smell like the description at all, it smells like burning camp grounds and trash. I tried to like this but it gave me a headache and for those who say it smells like weed.... no it doesn't, I smoke and I would rather smell like that than this perfume..
Smells like straight up W33d
Smell just like W33d but in a bad way. Wayy too strong and it maked my throat hurt.
coolest scent
This scent is super unique and mysteriously earthy.
The cherry scent was super strong but I’d didn’t get the leather coming through. I ended up texting my mom to tell her it reminded me of a bath oil she had when I was a kid. Not what I expected but it was a nice scent.
Smells like vicks vapor rub
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