Find Your Exceptional Room 1015 Perfume for Women

Room 1015 reviews
Powder special
This was one of the most “powdery” scents I’ve tried in a long time.
Electric wood
The scent was mild and not as woodsy or manly as i imagined but did make an impression with my co-workers.
This is a very earthy , Fireplace in the woods type of fragrance.
Good scent
Smells like describe
Sweet not spicy
Understated, pleasant but a little boring.
Interesting smell
In the bottle it smelled like chemicals. Once it was on my skin it smelled heavily like leather and pepper. After a while on my skin it started to smell more like cherry.
Perfect Pair for my cigarette habit
Exactly as described in the scents. its deep, fragrant and rich. However. Does not last as long. I would respray every 3-4 hours for peak smellmaxxing. Overall great.
I was searching for androgynous smoky/woody scents that I could choose to layer with floral perfumes or wear by themselves. This reminds me of my childhood in ways I wasn’t expecting, it’s heavy wood scented and has a nostalgic scent of Grandmas antique cedar hope chest mixed with an old bookstore. Not too overpowering, just right 9/10
Smells like description but turns out that isn't a good thing. Smells better over time but does not last long.
Very Cherry
It smelled a bit too much like maraschino cherry juice for me personally. Wasn't bad, but wasn't great for me.
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