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Room 1015 reviews
Very Literal
This scent is quite literally SPICY. It smells very strong of cherry (almost like a cough drop) and leather/tobacco. I had to smell it like 5 times before I could even determine if I liked it. It would be perfect for very specific scenarios (live rock band, edgy bar, etc) but not something I’d reach for.
eucalyptus forward
first impressions- I like the soft musky scent, definitely smell the eucalyptus and the cannabis. I love the masculine feel of this scent, I can easily see myself wearing it and sharing it with my boyfriend. It smells very familiar (and not just the cannabis part haha) it's reminiscent of some spice but I can't quite place it. The Grapefruit comers through over time, it smells musky, earthy, spicy, and yet clean. I don't know if this would be an everyday wear for me, but I like it a lot.
Too heavy
This scent is just not my thing so the fact that it was very strong turned me completely off.
spice cabinet.... Gross 🤢
this was possibly the worst choice for me to make, I was utterly let down by the scent. I was expecting Grapefruit and Jasmine like the scent profile, but instead was met with this STRONG scent of a musty spice cabinet. there was no coming back after that. the scent was overbearing and shot straight to my head. it made my office smell gross (keep in mind i just got in the mail and sprayed it in my office) everyone of my coworkers had a comment on it. it was not pleasant. I was embarrassed but explained the scent profile and they agreed it was nothing like I expected. do not buy.
It's less rock and roll rebel and more soft pretty lady
Based off the description of the fragrance, I thought this might have some dramatic punch, but it's such a soft pretty scent that sits close to the skin, with limited projection and staying power -- wish it had more projection and staying power but that does make it more wearable for all the time. It's less rock and roll rebel and more soft pretty lady, but not in a bad way unless you wanted something more unisex.
Freaking obsessed
love this! smells like a new age store/ witchy. even after having a bath I can still smell it on my wrist. favorite scent so far.
Cherry and Tobacco
It was a bit too literal for me it smelled like cherry and tobacco/leather. It was interesting but I’d never get it again.
Didn’t receive it!!
I was really excited to try this one but instead was sent BLOMMA CULT and can’t even try to order the right one again for 6 months how can we fix this?
Thought I would like it
Ordered this because I generally like all of the notes but I would not wear this. Searching for a woody/oud scent that is feminine or unisex. This was unisex or more masculine imo. A bit too citrusy? Or smells like cleaning chemicals. Was disappointed.
Loved this
this is my go to power work perfume. It not too cherry and not too leathery. it's perfect mix between feminine and masculine. I will be sad when this is used up.
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