Find an Exceptional Room 1015 Perfume for Men

Room 1015 reviews
Not for me
I thought it smelled very feminine. With a name like electric wood, I was expecting something with a little less floral and a little more punch. I was told it smelled like I used too much scent booster in my laundry and had a evergreen air freshener in my pocket.
Over powering and not appealing
Scent was way too strong and was not pleasant. I didn't get any compliments or critic on the cologne, but when you cant stand how you smell, there is a problem. I used it once and threw the rest away.
A trip in the wild
Pay no mind to those that say this fragrance is overpowering. Give it a little time and each unique note shines throughout your day, giving the tranquil feeling of a fresh summer day with your favorite green in hand 💨
420, Nice
A little more grapefruit than cannabis, but the cannabis is definitely there and provides a nice complexity. It was on the verge of being the kind of scent that gives me a headache, so I use it with caution, but I overall do enjoy it and will continue wearing it.
Name of it should be Seductive
It’s has a seductive smell. Very nice for date nights.
Way too strong!!
Black cherry & Leather
This scent was good, heady, and very unisex. loved it. I would note that this scent is more fruity than woody
this perfume is good for people who like a strong smelling rose.
I am not the biggest fan of rose but seeing the other scents made me think this could work. I like it alright, but this scent will never be a favorite of mine. .
Aftershave/Barbershop Fragrance
This fragrance smells good. It's long lasting and not too strong. However, to me it's missing something.
Could be a bit stronger
Within 2 hrs of wearing this the smell had faded into the back of my memory 😊 Loved how it smelled tho.
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