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Room 1015 reviews
Smelled earthy and musky was great for a night out with the boys
bad weed
I grow weed for a living... I wore it and forgot and I kept smelling it throughout the day. I didn't like it. if it smelled like some good weed I'd like it more, but it smelled like something I probably wouldn't want to smoke.
I absolutely love this smell. Cherries at first then notes of leather. So sweet and sexy
I took a gamble trying this as my first sample and I really like it! Was initially very leathery but quickly settled down into a warm fruity scent. Definitely works with my skin.
too woody
Too much citric acid smell
The citric acid (citrus) smell is too strong. It also reminds me of a cologne for suited for men.
The scent is sweet and spicy, I love it!
I thought it was gonna smell okay, but nope, it smells horrible, sorry but it's true. don't like it at all. I'm sad I wasted a fragrance now.
Too Strong
The scent was too strong - smelled like a mens body spray
Great scent lasts most of the day, always complemented from different aged women.
This was a surprising choice and i would recommend this to anyone. This will get you alot of compliments .
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