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Regime des Fleurs reviews
Smells like a hippie
I have worn this one once, smells like a hippie cave.
Not good
It somewhat smelled like a hair product and i dont like it
Feels like a high end new car scent
It is very sophisticated and also complex. I really want to like it, but it strongly reminds me a new car scent.
Smells like an old lady from the 80s
Powdery, sweet, and headache inducing
The best kind of bog witch
This smells amazing. Super unique, definitely haven’t tried anything like it before. Smells like damp earth, wet moss, and fresh rain with a hint of something sweet and floral at the very end. Unisex for sure and I’ll be asking for a bottle for Christmas
Floral but woodsy
Perfect balance of floral and woodsy.
Clean and mild. Almost soapy. Reminds be of being in an open filed during Fall.
Give me that violet
I adore this! It's very violet heavy, which is a scent I love. I find this akin to Love in Black by Creed.
Hands down the best fragrance I have received. Its a bit hard to find in stores, but it's also pretty expensive. Thankfully there is a way to try it much cheaper!
Enjoyed it, it was a bit too sweet for me but overall not bad.
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