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Perfect for vacation
Smells like white florals and Hawaiian beaches
I've had a perfume with neroli before that I really liked, but this one was lacking some warmth or something. Reminded me too much of someone's grandma. The floral was kind of powdery, and overall I found it overwhelming and not something I'd like to wear.
This smells amazing but it didn’t fit me. It’s for a more mature person. Long lasting! A little goes a long way.
Nice scent, not what I expected
I definitely like this scent. It’s not typically something I would pick, but I did not get tired of the scent after wearing it all day. Long lasting and not overpowering. Definitely not one of those scents that gives you a headache! More Smokey and powdery than I expected, very sexy/sultry fragrance.
Not as expected.
I was really hoping for more citrus but this to me just smelt VERY peppery and floral. Couldn't pick up on the orange blossom or the bergamot personally.
Simply put, this is a masterpiece. And totally signature scent worthy on someone who like their fragrances a little left of center. Complex and endlessly beguiling. A little dark, smoky and spicy but with hints of sweetness. It is a somewhat “heavy” fragrance though, for fall and winter. And this really seems to jive with r&b’s fall/winter collection aesthetics circa 2008-2016 (which is a lot of what I wear during the colder months) All of rag & bone’s fragrances are exemplary in their style, but this is by far the standout in the range. They are terribly expensive though, albeit the quality is clearly there to justify the cost. But on a per ml basis scent bird is a better value, you just don’t get the gorgeous bottle and packaging.
As a female who likes more masculine scents it’s hard to find a balance between smelling like a flower shop and a lumberjack but oh MAN does this ever hit that balance! It smells just as described and evolves as you wear it, and anytime somebody was within sniffing distance you’ll get compliments guaranteed! My new fave gender neutral scent :)
October in a bottle
Smells spicy like chai tea, the notes are all there if you smell for them and all together it's a gorgeous fall scent... especially October. It's very October.
Nice and light!
This was a nice light scent that can be worn everyday! It doesn’t last very long though.
Loved this scent
A great fall season scent
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