Find an Exceptional Prada Perfume for Men

Prada reviews
It’s very rare that I would find a scent that I like this much! Makes me feel pretty no matter when I put it on or what I’m wearing or even if I’m just staying home.
La Femme
Loved this scent, and my boyfriend said it’s the best one I’ve received yet! Definitely strong floral notes, but not to an “old lady scent” degree.
Absolutely amazing
I adore this scent I would buy it over and over again
One of my new favorites!!
So good
Worth the hype
Not my favorite
I am an avid fan of the Prada Line but this one was a miss for me. I'm glad I tried it before purchasing it. The scent is sweet like sugary candy and sensual floral but I got a headache shortly after and it isn't very strong. The scent didn't lay nice on me like I had hoped. I will try again to give it another chance because I really had high hopes for this one. It smells lovely in the bottle though so it may work well for others, especially those that want a delicate sweetness.
Love the way this smells it makes me feel sexy
I am absolutely happy with this election I simply love it it is the bomb smell like it’s just gorgeous
Did not last long
Loved the smell, i would ware it everyday except within 30mins I couldn’t smell it at all. Really disappointing.
Just no
I wanted to like it.. it was just too sweet
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