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Pink Sugar reviews
Smells amazing! Definitely one of my favs so far
so yummy
it's sweet and playful. perfect for daily wear
Too sweet for me!
I was very unimpressed with this scent. I forgot to choose a fragrance for this month and this is what they sent me. It smells super cheap and a little childish to me. It's cotton candy in perfume form. If you like sweet smells like that, then you will love it.
it smells exactly like the details!
I love this scent! it smells soo delicious!
Smells like cotton candy and old lady
I didn't get any berry scent, which I was thinking from the discription and listed scents it would smell like berry flavored candy, but it smells like cotton candy and maybe rose. I think I've smelt very similar perfumes on my grandma. The other reviews did mention the scent was not as discribed so next time ill look at reviews more.
Wasnt what I was expecting
I did not like how the scent smelled on me. It wasn't what I expected.
My wife got the business with this one!!
If you blink you might miss it!
The scent although beautiful, youthful and flirty only lasted for an hour or so.
it's subtly sweet.
Pink Sugar
Smells like cotton candy… playful scent very nice
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