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Pink Sugar reviews
Sweet That Hurts
It's sweet, 100%! However, it's the sweet that can give headaches and is overpowering. I do like to have scents powerful enough for other people to smell while I'm walking around, but this is not it. People would probably wince after catching a whiff since it's the wrong kind of sweet. I guess I prefer a bit more maturity and complexity which this lacks.
Smells plastic like
Not a fan at all smells weird and after as well
After scent
It smelled really great at first but you know how some foods have an aftertaste? This had an odd afterscent.
Sugary sweet
Very sugary but pleasant
cute scent
bought to share with my daughter. very sweet smelling. fun scent
Nice but...
Maybe something more fruity? Our musk?
really sweet smelling
if you're a sweets person this ones for you!
can't really smell it
Very light but long lasting scent
it does smell sweet
it didn't smell like what I thought it would.. you can really smell the caramel more than anything.. and it didn't last long at all..
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