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Vaquita Dolphin
3053 ratings
Eau de Parfum, Female, $105 Retail value
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As a nod to the warm, coastal waters the elusive creature calls home, Vaquita Dolphin blends an aquatic sea salt accord with fresh waterlily, while punchy redcurrant berries, juicy pear, and cedarwood round out the scent. The result? A fragrance as enigmatic and playful as its namesake.
This fragrance saves animals

Typically found in the shallow waters of Mexico’s Gulf of California, the shy and elusive vaquita is the only species of porpoise that lives in warm waters. Sadly, the world’s smallest porpoise is also the most endangered mammal on earth. Only 10 are estimated to be living in the wild due to illegal fishing in the Gulf.

$1 from every purchase of an 8 ml vial will benefit the Save the Whales.

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Cedar wood’s bright, tangy, and dry, almost juniper-like feel is a mainstay of men’s cologne.  It’s dignified character evokes both the great outdoors and cultured city sophistication. Cedar can also be a major or minor note in perfume, as it blends exceptionally well, so it’s always appropriate to wear year-round, day or night, for a polished, but laid-back effect.  Cedar pairs best with sandalwood, vetiver, leather, and light floral and citrus notes.
Fragrance family
Floral watery
These easy-going scents pay tribute to water, an essential source of life. Fragrances in this family evoke feelings of dew-drenched flower petals bathed in aquatic notes of sea mist and ocean air. Light and airy - floral watery perfumes are the epitome of fresh and clean.
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  • Fresh45%
  • Light27%
  • Sweet9%
  • Strong8%
  • Warm5%
  • Powdery4%
About the brand
Explore Sanctuary
Built for the socially conscious consumer, Sanctuary was created to help raise awareness (and $$) in an effort to help save endangered species. The brand creates clean, conscious, socially responsible fragrances that are inspired by an at risk animal and its habitat in an effort to tell its unique story and help save it from extinction. Proceeds from each scent will be donated to organizations whose life mission is saving these endangered animals.
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