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Amur Leopard
1918 ratings
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Native to the far Eastern region of Russia and North Eastern areas of China, the Amur Leopard is the only big cat that can live in both extreme hot and cool climates. Fresh rosemary is juxtaposed by crisp apple and warm amber as a nod to its adaptable nature, while heady leather woods pay homage to its strong, solitary, and territorial temperament. Tonka bean rounds out the scent, adding a soft element.
This fragrance saves animals

This rare subspecies of leopards is native to the far eastern regions of Russia and China, and has adapted to life in the temperate forests. Unfortunately, the amur leopard is one of the most endangered species on the planet—less than 100 currently live in the wild due to poaching, habitat loss, and deforestation.

$1 from each purchase of an 8 ml vial will benefit the Amur Leopard Conservation Project of Phoenix Fund, which focuses on increasing the current wild population while establishing a second, separate population in a protected environment.

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Crisp Apple
Fragrance family
Fougere warm
Opulent, sweet and seductive - Fragrances in the Fougere Warm family start with citrus and lavender top notes, followed by a heart that features geranium, coupled with warm spices such as cinnamon, clove, and pepper. Sensual basenotes of tonka, musk, tobacco, and woods create a smooth, addictive and creamy drydown.
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About the brand
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Built for the socially conscious consumer, Sanctuary was created to help raise awareness (and $$) in an effort to help save endangered species. The brand creates clean, conscious, socially responsible fragrances that are inspired by an at risk animal and its habitat in an effort to tell its unique story and help save it from extinction. Proceeds from each scent will be donated to organizations whose life mission is saving these endangered animals.
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