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Masaki Matsushima
Chocolat Mat
250 ratings
Eau de Parfum, Female
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Chocolat Mat’s subtle opening of black currant spice, dewy watermelon and pristine roses delicately hovers over the powder-dry appeal of rich chocolate and cacao, in this restrained and elegant gourmand fragrance. A clever and tropically sweet coconut note pops up between the sandalwood and musk in the base.
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Black Currant
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  • Fresh44%
  • Warm23%
  • Sweet15%
  • Light8%
  • Powdery5%
  • Strong3%
About the brand
Explore Masaki Matsushima
Masaki Matsushima was born in Nagoya 1963. After finishing school he studied at the Bunka Fashion College in, of the most prestigious ones in Japan. One of his mentors was Issey Miyake! Matsushima founded his own label and presented his first fashion collection in 1992. His creations center around Japanese traditions that are transformed into contemporary fashion key pieces. He ventured into fragrances in 2000 and presented his first perfume collection in 2001. This line consisted of a range of fragrances all bearing the word "mat" in their names. The women's fragrance mat;pink is a floral-fruity composition. The citrus-aromatic edition of mat;blue for men features notes of tea, juniper, bamboo, mint, bergamot, rose, lotus and musk. Several more fragrances have been launched since then: Aqua Mat Homme is an oriental and woody composition with lime, grapefruit, bamboo juice, fig leaf, magnolia, cane sugar, bamboo, sandalwood and musk. This edition was presented in 2008. Cherry for women is a floral fragrance that consists of blackcurrant, blueberry, cassia, cherry blossom, raspberry, musk, sweet pea, watermelon and lotus. The sunny, floral and fruity scent of Fluo was composed of grapefruit, kumquat, passionfruit, lotus, peony, nectarine and musk. 2005 saw the presentation of M by Masaki Matsushima. This unisex fragrance centers around lychee, musk, iris, mandarin orange and apricot. The aromatic fragrance M; Men was launched in 2006. This edition is composed of musk, nutmeg, lemon, grapefruit, tea, bamboo, rosemary and vetiver. M;0°С is the scent of a cold Scandinavian morning. Notes of frozen apple sorbet, Chimayo cocktail made of apple juice, tequila and ice cubes, citruses, bellflower, musky notes and woody accords define the fragrance. Masaki Aqua Platinum from 2010 is a fragrance with prominent woody accords and spicy notes. It features grapefruit, yuzu, mint, iris, cashmere wood, virginia cedar, musk, cardamom and pepper. Masaki Art Masaki is a fragrance for women with floral notes and musk. It was presented in 2009. Masaki Shiro is a sheer white flower scent with musky and woody base notes. This scent was launched in 2010. The feminine and romantic Masaki/Masaki was presented in 2007. The fragrance was composed of cedar, watermelon, red apple, rose, musk, raspberry, patchouli, magnolia, passionfruit and lychee. Mat Chocolat, an oriental fragrance for women, was presented in 2005. Dominant notes in this composition are blackcurrant, grapefruit, watermelon, rose, dark chocolate, cacao, sandalwood, coconut and musk. The modern composition of mat; consists of honeydew melon, bamboo, tea, blackcurrant, mint, mango and magnolia. The oriental and floral women's fragrance mat; le rouge was launched in 2003. mat; male for men is based on suede, cedar, teak wood, lotus blossom, rose, melon, mint, bamboo, blackcurrant, grapefruit, tea and kardamom. The unisex edition mat; metal from 2003 features floral notes of rose and violet. The special edition mat; orange features apricot, passionfruit, blood orange, mandarin orange, musk, mango, watermelon, lotus and bitter orange. 2004's edition mat; very male was blended of liquorice, aquatic notes, anise, woody notes, bamboo, cedar, patchouli, lotus and bergamot. mat; yellow from 2003 is an aromatic fragrance with pominent peach and passionfruit. Mintea is a fragrance that is full of refreshing notes: Tea, mint, citruses, juniper berries, bamboo, watermelon and cucumber. Suu for women from 2008 is composed of grapefruit, tropical fruit, pear, star anise, lotus, musk and cedar.
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