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Bon Parfumeur
115 ratings
Eau de Parfum, Unisex, $103 Retail value
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Bon Parfumeur’s 101 will delight green scent fans and classic rose perfume aficionados equally. A light and refreshing sweet pea note wrapped in sparkling rose petals leaps from the top of this wondrous eau de parfum - a delicious combination that floats elegantly over a subtle layer of sheer, dry white cedar.
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Roses in perfume - it gets no more classic, no more romantic, and no more legendary than this.  Rose notes are THE most versatile, and paradoxically, the hardest notes in perfume to obtain. It takes nearly a warehouse full of rose petals to distill enough oil to add their hypnotic scent to a perfume.Rose can be icy, full, velvety, silky, candy-sweet, dark, airy - there’s a rose scent for any mood you’ll ever experience.  Rose notes go with any other note, style, and texture of fragrance - they blend in a scent better than any other material. And of course, a rose perfume is NEVER out of style, or season - her majesty is welcomed everywhere. If you have only one perfume in your collection, make it a rose fragrance.
Fragrance family
Floral rose
Thought to be the little black dress of the fragrance world - floral rose scents are chic, romantic and utterly timeless. Fragrances in the floral rose family center around a sophisticated, flowery compositions with a retro, powdery touch.
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  • Light26%
  • Fresh26%
  • Powdery20%
  • Warm13%
  • Strong13%
  • Sweet0%
About the brand
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The Creation of Bon Parfumeur required breaking the codes of the industry to offer a broad range of fragrances elaborated freely by passionate perfumers. The result is a brand that deconstructs the world of perfumery: combining 100% made in France quality, pleasure and freedom. Bon Parfumeur seduced the world in a flash with it 18 fragrances packaged in the sleek parisian bottle... a brand which is breaking the mold and offering a new olfactive experience with a fresh perspective on perfume.
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