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Harajuku Lovers
361 ratings
Eau de Toilette, Female
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From pop star Gwen Stefani comes Music, part of the Harajuku Lovers line of perfumes. Light, citrusy clementine and sparkling pear dissolve into an enveloping jasmine sambac, bright-stemmed sweet pea, and tangy honeysuckle. A mouth-watering vanilla note soars out of the base, along with bouncy skin musk and sleek wood accents.
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  • Fresh31%
  • Sweet20%
  • Strong14%
  • Warm13%
  • Light10%
  • Powdery8%
About the brand
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Harajuku Lovers was founded in 2005 by Gwen Stefani. Stefani is a platinum-selling American pop musician, both with her band No Doubt and as a solo artist. Always notable for her unique fashions and eclectic personal style, Stefani's fascination with Japanese street fashion and youth culture inspired the Harajuku Lovers fashions and fragrances. The fragrances are distinguished by the kawaii or "adorableness" of the packaging, which represents Stefani (the "G" dolls with blonde hair) and her four back-up dancers–Love, Angel, Music and Baby–in various costumes and poses. The fragrances are produced in conjunction with Coty.
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