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Pamella Roland reviews
Love this
One of my favorites!!
Favorite so far
I loved this!
Love it
My favorite scent from scentbird in 3 years
Must have
Really nice scent. Light and floral. Perfect for spring and the beginning of summer.
Sweet but Sassy
This perfume has a lot of sweet with a hint of sass. Perfect for the office or a first date.
There are notes that are very feminine but this smells more like a cologne to me. I was looking for something not as heavy, strong, or masculine
Received negative comment
I feel like the rose scent was more prominent than I anticipated. Also, when I got into my sister’s car she said, “Ew what’s that smell.” lol! Upon further discussion she told me I smelt like a grandma wearing strong cheap perfume. idk what that means but hope it helps.
kitchen spices.
This fragrance smelled (on me) a lot like kitchen spices. I realize that fragrances smell different on individuals.
So amazing!
I fell in love with this scent as soon as i smelled it! So long lasting and lovely floral scent!
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