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not a fan
I don't mind 'mature' scents, but this one just didn't appeal to me. I was hoping for more spice from the pepper and a richness from the prune, but those notes didn't manifest on me.
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Just: No....
First of all, I accidentally got two of these in my monthly pack. But, I decided to give it a try and send one to a family member for the holidays. What would be the harm done, right? After trying this one time and feeling violently ill, Think I'll have to pass. I'd never do that to them (relatives). The flowery scent is too strong; doesn't align with anything I'd ever wear and the powdery syrupy sweet + bug spray smell makes me gag. To be honest, I think this is for those who love overly feminine scents-- The very, very old kinds from the early 1900's. 😖👎👎
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Great scent
Love it
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So disappointed
This smells like something my third grade teacher would wear to teach class. The floral smell of both jasmine and gardenia blends into some sort of nauseating monster flower that Dr Seuss would make. I smell no musk or orris root. And the description mention it being a sensual scent, pfft, not at all. I dont know how this stuff is sold for so much money when it's such a strong, bad floral scent.
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Another favorite
I wasn’t sure how I would like this fragrance from the fragrance notes. I know that I would like it, but not how much! It is another favorite that I have tried on Scentbird. It is light, powdery, sexy and elegant.
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Very appropriate for an older rich woman.
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Not a fan
It smells like/reminds me of my grandma's house growing up. So in a way it's super comforting and reminded me of my grandma ❤️ but I would definitely say it's an old fashioned scent. Or maybe it's just a comfort smell to me and not what I'm looking. My husband took one whiff and told me it was to old a scent for me (he used other words but I've seen people complain about the term. Lol) So we both thought it was old fashioned.
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The scent was a little too strong
It just came off too strong for my tastes
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Not great
Not my favorite
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Smells amazing
The reason I got this scent is because I named my daughter Norelle . I didn’t know what scent to expect but I absolutely love the smell it is very long lasting. I was able to smell it through out the entire day and I only put it on my wrist and mid chest. I asked for this scent in full sized as a Christmas gift lol
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