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Nateeva reviews
This smells like an actual Bouquet of flowers. It’s an light and airy beautiful scent! I used to wear Petal by Cynthia Rowley and can no longer find it. Part of the reason why I came to Scentbird, to find a new scent that is me or similar. Well I found it in this!!!! This scent smells just like Petal and I LOVE IT!!!My only complaint is that it doesn’t last long enough, or maybe it just got used to it too soon.
Lovely scent, warm and seductive
It was good, but too floral
Didn't last too long & was too floral for me
Love it
Love it
retaking the quiz
A lovely scent but immediately my boyfriend said it smelled too strong and “horny” It’s super sensual and mysterious which I think spritzed in the air is amazing. Spritzed on me- wayyy too powerful. I took the quiz like the scent would balance what I lack - so sexy and mysterious. But in reality I’m a casual goof and I am not doing this fragrance justice. I’m going to spritz the room with it on date night though!
Good, just not for me
The scent was not bad, it was just not for me. I tried this scent to do something different, but I’ve only used it once because I didn’t think it smelled like me.
I'm so happy with this scent. All the notes are perfectly balanced with the subtle powdery dry down.
beautiful and fresh.
Smells like how you imagine a tropical beach would smell. Very soft.
Did not like
Not for me
Very nice!
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