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Narciso Rodriguez reviews
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It’s not the same prefum??
Narciso Rodriguez is one of my favorite I know this specific scent. I might received a different Narciso Rodriguez’s prefum not the same as the one if the picture I’m willing to send it back if you guys want? Because I already canceled my subscription after this shipment
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Worst sent I’ve ever gotten
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Not for me
Just not something I would like. It did not smell bad just wasn’t my style too sweet and flowery for me.
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I was NOT expecting for this perfume to be this over powering. It is very floral. Gave me an instant headache. Not my kind of smell. :(
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patı baş
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Pure Musc, but not a lot is musk
I was expecting a little more of a warm musk scent but this just reminded me of a more expensive dupe of the Sara Jessica Parker “Lovely” perfume. Kinda sadI spent a little extra to get this one. Not a bad scent, but nothing special, new, or novel about this one to me.
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Not my type
all the notes described here aligned with my preferences except one - patchouli, which I usually hate. I tried it anyway just to see and patchouli always presents as "old lady smell" on me (I tend to go for woody, amber, or vanilla fragrances for reference) and this was no exception, unfortunately. I'm sure it smells great on lots of people, just not me.
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I love this one
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Love them alk
All his scents are My FAVORITES!!
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This scent just did not wow me. It smelled nice but it was just not memorable. I thought I remembered trying this in a store and really liking it but it may have been the one in the red bottle instead. I may put that one in my queue.
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