Find an Exceptional Moschino Perfume for Men

Moschino reviews
I love all their sents they alighted will with my boxy chemistry.
Fresh and citrusy
I like this scent, but don’t love it. I wish it was a little more airy as it smells a bit overpowering and more like a strong “men’s body wash” scent.
Definitely not one of my faves
This definitely isn’t one of my new favorites. It’s quite strong and reminds me of the perfume counter at Christmas… all the scents combined. THAT smell. If you dig that though, you’ll love it.
Love love love
I am so in love with this perfume. Smells amazing.
Very fruity with a hint of some muskiness in there but smells sooo good! Definitely something I can see myself gravitating towards more often than not
Really nice almost sweet smell
It smells really nice, but I found it was really easy to over do it and if I used more than 1 small spray, it gave me a headache after a couple hours.
Fruity Love It
It has a nice fruity scent which is what I like.
Pretty good
Love the fragrance. My scent didn’t elevate it the way it smelled on my sister. On her it was heavenly. On me it was good. Would recommend you try it. I’ve seen the potential
Truley love love
It’s amazing
Perfect scent!
Not super sweet, almost has a cologne under scent, my absolute favorite
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