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Where's the oud?
Don't get me wrong, this is a nice scent and I've worn it several times. It just doesn't align with the description particularly well. The citrus notes are stronger than either the woods or the marine elements, and I don't get the rosemary at all...
Just didn't do it for me
It wasn't something that stood out, and felt memorable to me. It was fresh and clean, but didn't pop.
Scent was corny
not sexy at all
Best Sandlewood Cologne ever
The quality of this Sandlewood is up there with the Guccis and YSLs. The other Montale colognes however are not as good as this one.
Love it
Clean and inviting
not a fan
too salty
Smells great!
Love that it’s unisex
Love it!
Perfect scent
This perfume is beautiful, it makes me smell expensive, sexy, attractive... my bf too, it smells great on him. Get it
My Fav!
Right up my alley !
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