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Molinard reviews
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like it
I like
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Better than expected!
I was pleasantly surprised by this scent. BF liked it, as well.
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Fresh Figs in Lavender Sugar - Balanced and Modern
Balanced and sophisticated. A bowl of fresh figs in a lavender syrup. Not too sweet. Lemon at the top dries to fresh fig and currants. A skin scent. Does not last. Wore it alone and layered with vanilla and patchouli for increased duration on my skin. Modern and unisex. My first Scentbird choice. I am so pleased. Love it.
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Nice sweet scent
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This is a warm and long lasting fig scent, perfect for fall and winter days.
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Very sexy
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It is what you want in a fig fragrance
The notes were soft and warm enough for this time of year. I love fig fragrances and this wasnt too sweet.
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Doesn't last
This doesn't last long. I like that it's fresh but sometimes it smells vaguely like butter and ammonia so I stopped wearing it.
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Very nice
Happy with this one! Beautiful scent.
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Couldn’t try
I would love to write a review but this came in a damaged sprayer. I reached out to scent bird and not surprisingly at all, nobody cares. No Cody ever contacted me, so I guess I’m just screwed. This is honestly one of the worst subscriptions I have ever had.
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