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love love love
hot bitch perfume
hot bitch perfume
Get so many compliments
I would definitely recommend.. smells amazing..
So many compliments! Possibly should be a fall or winter scent but I love it anytime! Lots of spice! Little bit of pepper at the end, maybe? Love it so much!
Very airy and light
The Lily of The Valley really comes through but there’s a woody base that grounds the scent.
My boyfriends name
Vlad Miu
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When I first got this, I was getting over a cold, so my smell wasn’t 100% and I thought it smelled exactly like bug spray. Now that I can smell it correctly, when it mixes with my body chem, it has an amazing floral scent. Not rose, but some other flower I can’t put my finger on. Love it though.
Loved the fragrance but it all spilled in transport. Scent bird replaced it quickly!
Not for me
The was most definitely not a scent for me. It smelled like pepper.
Didn’t last 10 minutes. I couldn’t smell it at all after wearing a 1/4 of the bottle.
I like to be able to smell myself through out the day. Not happening with this one.
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