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Michael Kors reviews
Smells like Daisy
Doesn't smell like described. I can't really tell the difference between this and Daisy. Strong at first, but mellows.
This is one of my favorite scents!
I loved it
Love this one!!
Lovely, but needs better longevity
I requested this perfume because I'd used a small perfume sample in the past which had me wanting to try it again because I enjoyed the scent so much. The scent is still lovely this time around - on my skin it has a lovely balance of gourmand with the jasmine after it dries down. Scent is very similar on both skin and clothes but unfortunately the scent is just not lasting longer than a couple hours. Maybe I need to spray more....but wish I didn't have to...
MY Favorite
Very Happy with this choice
Not for me
Could be better. Wasn’t the right scent for me.
My new favorite
I absolutely love this one!!
old lady musky
the sandal wood took over the sent and reminded me of the little old ladies at church.. not so wonderlustful
love love love
I love this fragrance
Michael Kors perfume for men offers a unique combination of fragrance tones that creates a very unique and unforgettable perfumery bouquet. At we carefully pick the most prominent Michael Kors perfumes for men that will go into our collection. This ensures that even by picking a random perfume, you’ll get an amazing fragrance.

‘Michael Kors for men’ perfume is special, because it has been crafted with years of perfumery experience in mind. Michael Kors perfumes for men embody masculinity, but at the same time offer a fresh look at what a real man should smell like.

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