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Maison Sybarite reviews
Very odd looking! Ive never seen milky lperfume before….Smell good Nice and spicy. I like it but prefer more earthy scents
Smells good Very spicy I prefer more earthy scents
Smell good baby powder..
Too masculine
I was very excited to receive this fragrance, but unfortunately the dry down smells way too masculine for my preference. I’m no scent expert, but it just reminds me of an old man musk scent. Really sad I dislike this, was really anticipating this one
Smells like a grandma
It smell like something a verry old women would ware, its a verry strong small of roses and not in a good way. Not something enjoyable.
No thank you
Smells like Avon body talc powder. It’s even white like they put some powder in it
If you like musty, old dead roses then this is for you! It smells like something your grandmother kept in the attic in a rotting box of trinkets. Yuck.
Smells awesome
Very clean smelling. I really like it. It’s not clear tho. It’s white. I just got it yesterday so I’m not sure yet if it would stain or not. But I definitely like it
I LOVE this!
It smells exactly like the description and smells amazing on me.
Nice but...
It's a nice fragrance but only if within what your nose loves. Just not my cup of tea.
Every one of this brands scents smells too woody.
Unfortunately the two that I have chosen so far smell similar in the sense that they smell strongly of wood 🪵 or a woodsy scent. One has floral undertones so I can’t wear it and my boyfriend won’t wear it and this one smells nothing like roses of any variety. I’m disappointed even though I wanted to like at least one of them. Thank goodness for me they don’t last very long either. Next time I will listen to the reviews a little more.
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