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Maison Sybarite reviews
The color
The color was different wasn’t expecting that but smelled good didn’t last long
smells great out of the bottle but doesn't mix well with my body chemistry
Love the spicy scent
I was skeptical about this fragrance but after trying it, I’m in love with spicy smells!
Not for me
Powdery and old-smelling
Does Not Last
This scent needs improvement. Love the mission behind the brand.
Nice and light but
As light as this sent is and refreshing especilly after a water dip, it dosent last long
Old ladyish
The hint of black pepper was this fragrance's only saving grace. Otherwise, it was a sweet, fruity floral befitting a rich octogenarian.
no lasting power, was gone in about 1 hour!
Very simple fragrance, not complex or layered and only lasted a very short time, Would not recommend.
Lovely but…
Lovely complex scent that works on my skin, and maintains its complexity on dry down. Unfortunately it smells very manufactured and false, not one I would choose again for that reason.
I really love this one.
I think this one might be my new favorite. It smelled good when I test sprayed it, but it smelled even better when I sprayed it on myself and some how seemed to smell better the longer I wore it. The best I can describe it is warm and kinda creamy with a slightly spicy under note.
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