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Maison Sybarite reviews
Very strong
Very strong has more of an old house smell
Would Recommend 1000%
I absolutely love this perfume!
Very woody for sure
Woody and our notes are written all over it. I like this scent, fits my preference
I liked it but gave me old lady perfume vibes
I wish
I wish I loved it! It seemed by the description to be up my alley! It smelt like a travelling caravan selling musty carpets and brass ware! Not for me!
The description sounded perfect, but the perfume itself smelled like chemicals. Would not recommend
so sad
I loved the description of this one, it has freaking wormwood in it! how can that not be awesome?! but sadly, it smelled more like mosquito repellant. i'm so sad!! i really wanted to like this one. it's cool that it's a milky liquid though
Complex scent
This scent is quite complex and dried down completely different depending on the person. It started out as a really strong off putting old spice type smell but quickly became spicy sweet gourmand on me and spicy herby hippie on my adult son. Needless to say, we will be fighting over it.
I’m just not a woody type of perfume person. I’m sure it’s great if you like that kind.
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