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Le Jardin Retrouve reviews
Too powdery
It wasnt manly musky yet clean like I was hoping for something that people instantly adored but has just a hint of a different almost quirky surprise yet it still feels refined and sophisticated enough to be a timeless classic scent that can be carried seamlessly from day to night. That's what I want.
Not right
Terrible smell, the opposite of the fresh scent I’m looking for. Will keep trying a little longer.
I don't think it . I don't know what it should have smelled like but I don't like what ever it is
Less Cuir, More Poudre
While certainly not a terrible fragrance, it has little to do with it’s description—save for its flowery prose. It sways (in my opinion) more toward the feminine end of unisex, which is never a dealbreaker for me. Yet, this scent leans—quite assertively—into warm florals, and a powdered Ambroxan. I’m not a fan of Ambroxan in any style, but powdered feels don’t give me the feels. I can get a touch of soft leather and it’s reminiscent (to me) of Opium. Not as potent, but creeping into that territory. Definitely cold weather, definitely late 70s, early 80s and it feels like a night out.
Very ROSE 🌹
I expected a rose bouquet in a spritz but wow! Very distinct rose floral essences.
Tubereuse trainon
To sweet smelling
Beautiful yet fleeting
Beautiful and subtle rose scent but it fades quickly
Tubereuse Trianon
Super strong floral smell. Smells almost like candy with a hint of the Yankee candle store
Overwhelming baby powder
It was super strong and had the smell of old decaying person.
Not As Expected
Very aggressive scent, not my favorite.
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