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Kensie reviews
Delivery was early and the sent was perfect and long lasting, I know what the ladies in my family are getting for Christmas
Love this sent its better than expected
This was my first perfume purchase and the quiz nailed it. I love the warm notes and musky scent. I would definitely repurchase
Fruity but a bit cloyinf
The initial spray was very fruity. I thought I smelled coconut in there but the notes didn't say so. After a while it feels a bit cloying but that could just be me. Glad I gave this a try though, I'll have to test it out more days to see if I vibe with it.
Smells great
It was fruity and floral and faded to a slightly woodsy musky smell. Perfect blend of feminine/masculine scents on me. Loved it!
Love ❤
I have to say this is my favorite from Kensie! Very sweet and floral. Finally found one that isn't an older lady smell!!!
New Fave
Girly, flirty, and fresh! I wish it lasted a bit longer.
Loved it for my first scent!
I have no idea how to recognize smells in perfume - I just know what I like and don't like, but for my first one this was a winner! Only thing is it doesn't seem to last very long at least not all day but smells really nice when it's on!
Not for me.
I was hoping to smell more rose in the purfume but I could smell very little. This reminded me a lot of Juicy Couture and its flankers which is a very young scent, too young for me. I love more well rounded scents like Stella which happens to be my fave.
It was ok
Not a bad smell, just a little too sweet for my liking.
Just Right
As a newbie to all things perfume, I was pleasantly surprised with this scent. It smells nice, isn't overpowering/headache inducing, and lasts for around half a day (reasonable enough). Might even consider getting a full sized bottle.
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