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Juicy Couture reviews
Matched my scent preferences perfectly!
hated smell, gave me headache
this is not for me.
Juicy Couture
Smells pleasent just wasnt quite what i am looking for.
It’s a very youthful scent but I liked it. It match perfectly with me and my scent preference.
Sweet and Spicy
The initial spritz is a sweet, playful, clean scent that lingers with a fresh and spicy after-scent. It has the signature Juicy smell without being overly sweet or young. Definitely a staple in my rotation!
Better Than I Expected
A great smell that is not too overpowering but strong enough to last for hours. I am a young person so I was worried it was going to smell elderly but that is not the case. Great try!
Not as nice as I hoped
Very disappointed with this one.
Smells good, but just not for me.
I think this scent matches what you would expect from the description. I get almost all the notes that are listed, and I like how after the bold fruity/jammy opening, it dries down to a creamy caramel/praline scent with jammy undertones. It can become a little bit cloying but not too overpowering. What I didn't anticipate was the association with this smell that I didn't know I had. I thought I had never smelled it before, but as soon as it hit my nose I realized I must have smelled this everywhere in the 2000s. It instantly made me think of being at the mall or London Drugs in the 2000s. Some people might like that, but I don't like having strong associations with a scent because it's annoying being reminded of something really specific all day unless it's an association I love. This scent just became annoying for me. For this reason I won't buy the full bottle. Also, I knew that people described it as a young scent but decided to give it a try anyway, since I don't really feel ready for super mature scents yet. I'm 24, and this smelled way too young for me. I didn't want to wear it out of the house for this reason. I would give this away to somebody who is in high school. This isn't a judgment against anyone who loves this scent, it just personally was a miss for me. As a side note, my husband liked it.
Great smell
It's not to strong. A great smell for everyday use.
Floral but sweet
Light scent that floral-y but also sweet. Really like it! Only wish it was a bit more powerful
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