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Wonderful sent, I try to smell a d figure out what each one has in it, I love the card that u send with r perfume
Love the cards u send with r perfume,
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smells so good 👍
Love it feels great on skin
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Love oil based perfumes
This one was the best I’ve gotten from Scentbird. Long lasting scent that lasted my d tire workday!
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My absolute favorite
I’m in love with this perfume oil. So sexy and sensual, I received so many compliments.
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It has oil in it
Which i knew when i ordered it. I love this smell. Its so classy. I feel wealthy when i wear it. Has little levels of diff smells as it dissipates. LOVE!!!! IT is very entertaining.
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Amazing scent
This is an amazing, comforting, beautiful, chill fragrance. By “chill” I mean I’d wear this to lounge around the house on a cloudy rainy day... I wear this in the dead of summer and love it too, it just doesn’t last long but I mixed (by accident) this scent and PinkSugar Creamy Sunshine and it was divine... highly recommend if you like soft creamy fragrances that sit close to the skin!
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Joya Composition No. 1 loved so much!
I had read previous comments I judged from there .The smell is fresh an clean an really delicious. I like the layers from start to finish.I could still smell it in the morning. I hope you guys get Joya Foxlove back in again .This fragrance mixes well with other fragrances.. want full bottle of all Joya fragrances.This is my 1st order no complaints...✌🏻💗😊❣️
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I loved the scent it was lovely.
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Oil base
Not strong nor long lasting. Too oily.
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love it
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