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Joya reviews
I enjoy how dry this scent is. It lasts a long time and really has a great summer essence
Probably the worst smelling perfume I’ve picked from Scentbird😅 it smelled like tiger balm and baby powder to me. It was overwhelming like grandmas potpourri. I didnt even have to spritz it to smell how over whelming it was.
Intoxicating Summer/Fall Scent
I had never tried a perfume oil before, so learn from me: don't spay it onto your skin using the spray top that Scentbird packages for you. It will get everywhere and stain your clothes, get in your hair, etc. Instead, gently twist off the top and dab onto your pulse points. That being said, I have never loved a sweet fragrance before until I received this in the mail. It is somehow creamy and sweet without being soapy, powdery, or smelling like vanilla. Vanilla gives me headaches, but this is a true floral sweetness without needing to rely on artificial or candy scents. I would not call this a unisex scent, it is definitely feminine. I smell all of the notes, but the jasmine is very mild. I couldn't stop smelling my wrists. It takes a while to dry down because it is an oil, but once it does, it is warm and a tiny bit spicy. I thought it would be a good summer fragrance until it dried down, and now it is definitely an autumn.
oil made the difference
realizing it was a oil perfume changed how I sprayed little goes a long and rubbing heating it up on the skin gave it the best scent for me.
Didn't like
Trying to use it up
Almost perfect for me
Love this scent. There is one note I can’t place, but I’ve noticed in two other fragrances that I didn’t like. Luckily, it’s not a main note and it fades off. The scent as a whole is long lasting; both my partner and I wear it for work days and the fragrance makes it back home!
light and airy
everyday scent
Interesting, grows on you.
I love this scent -- and so much cheaper purchasing here than direct from manufacturer.
Oily yucky mess
I could Not get over how thick and oily this went on. Very lemony and strong. Has an alcohol smell. It improved with layering it with another smell but I do not like this at all. I really wanted to and am fairly easy to please. So when I give one star it’s bad.
The best scent yet from Scentbird
This has been my favorite scent from Scentbird. I enjoyed it’s orangey goodness a lot.
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