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It gives too strong of a floral scent without any other baselines. The scent does not see well rounded enough.
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It smelled really good, didn't last long though.
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It's not that I don't like feminine scents, but not on me. My wife said it smells just like her Spellbound perfume and she also doesn't like that on me.
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Not what I expected
It smelled like something I’d find in a geriatric home air freshener, not a perfume! Not a scent for me!
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Rated5on the scale of0to5
This scent is my absolute favorite out of all the scents I've tried so far!! Did not realize it was an oil until I sprayed it & it sprays like air. Lol a little goes a long way, which is perfect for me! It is earthy & reminds me of a "hippie" shop! I love it so much!!
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Composition No. 1 by Joya
I absolutely love this scent! it's an actual perfume oil so a little goes a long way! It has wonderful fruit & floral notes with a hint of musk or woods. It's beyond perfect!
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Fresh and clean
Smells very clean - kind of like laundry, in a good way...not what I was expecting but I do like it. Let it air out after you put it on, it starts to smell a little sweeter.
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Keep trying!
At first I didnt like this smell, but I kept using it. I do like it now, but it is not something i would buy on my own. Very strong smell.
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Clean and green
I thought it smelled really fresh and green. lightly soapy but it got a lot of compliments. it wears well and during the day, when I'd catch the soft scent, I kept re- liking it each time.
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