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Joya reviews
Almost perfect for me
Love this scent. There is one note I can’t place, but I’ve noticed in two other fragrances that I didn’t like. Luckily, it’s not a main note and it fades off. The scent as a whole is long lasting; both my partner and I wear it for work days and the fragrance makes it back home!
light and airy
everyday scent
Interesting, grows on you.
I love this scent -- and so much cheaper purchasing here than direct from manufacturer.
Oily yucky mess
I could Not get over how thick and oily this went on. Very lemony and strong. Has an alcohol smell. It improved with layering it with another smell but I do not like this at all. I really wanted to and am fairly easy to please. So when I give one star it’s bad.
The best scent yet from Scentbird
This has been my favorite scent from Scentbird. I enjoyed it’s orangey goodness a lot.
Awful everything, straight into the trash
This one was a nightmare for me all the way around. It is an oil, which I was aware of when I added it to my queue, but I think Scentbird messed up by trying to put it in a sprayer. When my bottle arrived, oil had leaked out inside the cardboard tube. The bottle was still 75% full, but it had apparently been leaking long enough for the label sticker on the glass bottle to peel off. I was not a fan of the scent at all. It smelled like lime-flavored candy and that abrasive cleaning powder you use to scrub sinks. My boyfriend asked if I'd bought some "off-brand toilet cleaner or something," if that gives you any idea of the type of scent this is. The smell is absolutely overpowering, and because it's an oil, it seems like it soaks into your skin. I didn't have a choice in applying it to my skin because it was all over the bottle when I opened the tube. Even after washing my hands, the scent just would not go away. I felt like this one was a complete waste of my money, and it's going straight into the garbage bin outside.
This has a very nice, unique scent, very unlike other perfumes I have. It's very light and fresh.
A faint woody and citrus smell that is not overpowering
Going to get a big bottle
Beautiful scent
Absolutely love this fragrance
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