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My absolute favorite
I’m in love with this perfume oil. So sexy and sensual, I received so many compliments.
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It has oil in it
Which i knew when i ordered it. I love this smell. Its so classy. I feel wealthy when i wear it. Has little levels of diff smells as it dissipates. LOVE!!!! IT is very entertaining.
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Amazing scent
This is an amazing, comforting, beautiful, chill fragrance. By “chill” I mean I’d wear this to lounge around the house on a cloudy rainy day... I wear this in the dead of summer and love it too, it just doesn’t last long but I mixed (by accident) this scent and PinkSugar Creamy Sunshine and it was divine... highly recommend if you like soft creamy fragrances that sit close to the skin!
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Joya Composition No. 1 loved so much!
I had read previous comments I judged from there .The smell is fresh an clean an really delicious. I like the layers from start to finish.I could still smell it in the morning. I hope you guys get Joya Foxlove back in again .This fragrance mixes well with other fragrances.. want full bottle of all Joya fragrances.This is my 1st order no complaints...✌🏻💗😊❣️
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I loved the scent it was lovely.
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Oil base
Not strong nor long lasting. Too oily.
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love it
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Joya Composition #6
I absolutely fell in love with this one. The notes are prominent but not overpowering. The oil base. Is silky and lasts souch longer on my skin, holding it's scent well into the next day. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good profile with spice and sophistication!
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Joya Comp No.6- Unfortunate Miss
This was my first scent I picked which was a definitely a miss. I thought it was just me but had my wife, and few other family members who also did not like it. The scent was very complex..
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my olfactory sense was reminded of a Christmas trees.
It smelled to me like pine trees, very distinctive and refreshing. It lasted long on my skin but it's not for me. I think I am going to spray it all around my house.
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