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John Varvatos reviews
Just what I like
My smell is kind of off but everyone loves it.
smells good
assertive, not aggressive
At first, I couldn’t place the scent, I worn it a few hours be it hit me- High Mass (in Latin). It’s complicated and comforting, all at once; simultaneously jubilant and restrained. I think most ppl would be fairly passionate about the fragrance, they’d love it, or hate it. There’s nothing indifferent about it.
I would get this one e again
Smooth is the best description for this scent. Subtle yet great and easy to be around.
One of my favorite everyday go to scents.
This is sophistication at its best. A timeless scent.
Just okay
I prefer the original John Varvatos to this, I agree with others that it has a bit of a powdery or deodorant smell to it.
Third time is definitely a charm this time. I didn't like my first two scents, but this one is great! It is light with a hint of something almost citrus, but not overly so. The other scents ground it and give it some depth. l feel that it could easily be a daily daytime cologne, but l could also see this transitioning into a night time scent easily. I've only just gotten it today, so l can't speak yet on the longevity, but I've been wearing it for an hour now and it still keeps hitting my nose very pleasantly. I can't wait to wear it tomorrow! Smells expensive to me. If someone passed me wearing this it would definitely turn my head and intrigue me.
Not My Type
l took a chance on this one even though the reviews were very mixed. l took the comment that it "smelled like an old man" with a grain of salt because l thought perhaps it meant that it was a bit musky or heavy, which l don't mind. What l think they meant was that it had that powdery "old person" smell for sure. I really don't like the ones that leave you with that heavy baby powder smell.
John Varvatos XX
Amazing Fall/Winter scent. Very sophisticated feel for formal events or even a night out with friends/family. I will be purchasing in the future once my sample is done!!
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