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Histoires de Parfums reviews
Slice of time
This smells like decadent time travel. Very strong and lingers for a long time. It mellows to an addicting scent experience however. I woke up smelling it the next morning.
Has a lot of vanilla; Leans towards feminine
Once the initial alcohol wanes of within the first few minutes, notes of sour and vanilla come through. The alcohol doesn't completely fade away. I had to check twice to see if this was a masculine, or man, fragrance. I swear it's a perfume according to MY nose. Perhaps a waft of woodsy/musk fades through if you pay attention.
loved it
Not great
Really wanted to be excited about this smell when I saw the description and scent profile, but the vetiver completely overwhelmed everything else.
I want this smell to live in my nose
it's gorgeous.
Current winter favorite
I like this one a lot. All of the notes from the description come out for me, except the cinnamon. A bit of creamy cinnamon would top it off nicely. Maybe my chemistry kills that? In any case, I am a big fan. It is a scent you notice when close, but not overpowering for me or those I am interacting with. The vanilla holds out softly all day.
love this!
I love masculine scents, and this one is amazing. It reminds me of sitting in a leather arm chair in an old library surrounded by books.... it doesn't smell like that at all, but thats what it makes me feel. A nice comfortable, safe place.
Perfect realistic rose garden
Beautiful beautiful beautiful. A quality that only a niche perfume house could’ve created. I know that Angelina Jolie has her signature perfume from Histoires de Parfumes. I was dying to get my hand on a discount but that aligned my preferences. This one is very feminine leaning and smells exactly like a secret garden would. So I have been enjoying becoming a little kid again reading the secret garden in imagining that my own beautiful garden my mother made in this scent. I find it interesting because other realistic rose fragrances that are actually realistic people usually don’t know how those flowers smell except maybe from a flower shop with a perfume put on preserved chemical dipped flowers. I had the absolute privilege to smell just about every type of fragrant flower, and Jesus, this is photo realism as close as it gets without an attar!
unique, a bit old school
As the name suggests it smells a bit old school, in a good way in my opinion. it smells different than most mainstream scents so it's a good choice if you want to stand out. the veticer was a bit strong for my preference especially at first but I like the fragrance quite a lot on the dry down. Good choice if you want something a bit unique, not if you only like more modern mainstream fragrance
Not my taste
I'm sure other people love this one, but it's just not for me.
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