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Histoires de Parfums reviews
Awful beginning scent.
This scent is unbearable when it first sprays on. It settles after awhile but still isn't great.
I can't decide what it reminds me of, but i don't really get a lot of *rose* after a while... much more woodsy and green than I expected, but I love it. It's a little soapy, not super-sweet or flowery but not too masculine either, strong enough to still notice it on myself after a few hours without feeling like I'm overpowering the room.
La Belle Epoque
The floral and the spice notes opened sweetly but not cloyingly -- drying down to a warm, skin-hugging fragrance
I enjoyed it for the most part !
grows on you
Wasn't sure at first but this is amazing and i might get the full bottle. Give it a couple wear before making up your mind about this one. Very original
Such a great scent
I love this fragrance on my husband. Definitely buying the full-size bottle asap.
If you like earthy tones you’ll love this
The description did this scent some justice I love it!
My Favorite Scent
This surpassed my expectations and i used it for special occasions.
Rose water
Rose water.. for men???
Old lady perfume
Smelled like old lady perfume
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