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Histoires de Parfums reviews
Not for me
Not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. There’s something very off putting to me.
Just Okay
This fragrance was a really fresh and faithful peach/pineapple in the opening but dried down to generic scented candle before disappearing entirely.
beautiful scent
i enjoyed this scent a lot! it’s not too masculine or feminine and reminds me of sitting in a library.
Holy aldehydes in the beginning! Then the fragrance turns a bit minty with a honey and patchouli drydown which keeps it sweet. I was pleasantly surprised with this scent. Long lasting as well.
Historical scent
Like pulling an old leather-bound history book off an office-den shelf and cracking it open to a page with dried pressed flowers inside....lots of bright woody and sweet waxy notes with a touch of stale dust. Starts with nice weathered oud, piney resin and some great, subtle ecclesiastical notes. Nice balance of bright flowery and dark sweet sugary notes on the finish, help round it out. Deep and powerful yet surprisingly light and approachable. More for the evening than day but incredible whenever. Like an ancient hero with modern flair, you will stand out wearing this one!
Wish it lasted longer
Wish it lasted longer
Smell good
The ladies loved it received so many compliments.
I mean y’all dumn
It goes on and smells like bug spray but after like 5 minutes it’s smells great
great scent
really enjoyed this scent
Histoires de parfums
Loved it. Got many, many compliments
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