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Barbershop fragrance
Very nice and seductive scent but it stays close to my skin after 10 min. 8,5 out of 10
Robust, full-bodied, and unique
I liked this but
it doesn't last very long. Is very subtle.
Classic Masculine Smell
Reminds me of the scents d you may find in a traditional barbershop.
Classic G-ma perfume
The patchouli in this definitely outshines everything else in this scent. Maybe it's different with my body chemistry but I really didn't get any fruity notes on this. The dry down is nice, with the vanilla coming through, but all I can really smell all throughout is patchouli. Every time I wear it, I feel like it smells a little like body odor on me until it mellows out. Not the worst fragrance I have but not what I was expecting
It’s spicy and sexy and a little sweet. I was intrigued to try it after someone on tiktok had spoken about it, and it didn’t have a scent profile that I’d usually go for as it had notes of black pepper. But I was honestly blown away by how incredible it smelled.
in love!
i love more unisex smells, and this one definitely leans a little masculine which i love. super spiced and warm and it smells heavenly when it’s dried down. i can’t stop smelling myself when i wear this!
I expected to love this and thought it would be very dynamic and adventurous but it falls flat. just smells powdery to me.
Good, just not my preference.
It's a strong cologne, the scent lasts and lingers with you, but there's something...off with it for me. It reminds me of something my dad wore. It's not bad, but just not my style.
love it🥰
great smell girls love
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